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Couples Christmas Outfits: Matching Suits & Dresses

It’s time to show your single friends how shitty the holiday is going to be for them. Matching couples Christmas sweaters, suits & dresses are the easiest way to let your significant other know you are down for a lifetime of emotional miscues and toxic arguments. If you thought unwrapping a present as a kid was awesome, wait 'til you and your rub buddy are unwrapping each other from these couples Christmas outfits in a drunken stupor after one too many spiked eggnogs at the in-laws. Santa has his suits, but only those with couples Christmas costumes know how to ‘sleigh’ the holidays and break up in March.

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Why do we love Matching Couple Christmas Sweaters so much?

Whether you’re playing Santa baby with your boo thang or getting decked out in red and green xmas costumes with your bestie, wearing a set of matching couples Christmas sweaters makes it clear to the world that they’re the holly to your jolly, the jingle to your bells, and if you’re lucky, the rum to your pum-pum-pum-pum. Couples Christmas sweaters are also the ultimate way to flaunt your relationship status during the time of year when it’s most critical to flaunt it, because nothing says “We’ve seen each other naked,” like making a team effort out of going full cheese for the holidays with couples’ ugly Christmas sweaters. After all the years of your snobby Aunt Shirley asking loudly at the dinner table when you’re “finally” going to meet someone, or your mom passive-aggressively setting the table with the traditional empty chair for your plus one and commenting under her breath that “Since you have so many dates all the time, it wouldn’t kill you to introduce one of them to the family one of these days,” you can show up for this year’s festivities in matching his and hers ugly Christmas sweaters for couples and stun them all into shocked silence, which happens to be exactly what you’ve been wanting for Christmas all along. 

Enjoy the Mistletoe a little more this holiday season in a matching couple Christmas outfit.

When it comes to interpreting our desire to wear couples ugly Christmas outfits with our S.O., we may not ever manage to be as sexually fucked up as Sigmund Freud, but we do know a thing or two about what gets the love juices flowing. First and foremost, we know for a fact that laughter is a foolproof aphrodisiac. It doesn’t matter what you’re laughing at as long as you’re both having a good time. Second, there’s something provocatively primal about marking your better half to keep other suitors at bay. That magical combination of festive chuckles and consensual holiday exhibitionism is enough to consider wearing these couples Christmas clothes a very cozy form of foreplay, but our analysis of these unassumingly erotic wearables doesn’t end there. Adventurous couples can play their matching game at a deeper level when a set of his and hers Christmas outfits is just part of their matching Christmas costumes. That’s right, you can put the X in Xmas when you pair ugly Christmas sweaters for couples with his and hers matching Christmas underwear to make unwrapping that package under the mistletoe more satisfying than skinny dipping in your neighbor’s hot tub while they’re away on vacation. And that’s what we call the most wonderful time of the year.

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