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Fur Underwear

Wait, why would anyone wear fur underwear, you ask? What a stupid question. There are hundreds of different reasons why! Are you super into caveman/cavegirl role play but the horse hide loincloths are causing some serious chafing? Good news! Our fur underwear is a stylish and comfortable way to maintain the illusion that you killed a mammoth with your bare hands and used its pelt to make luxurious undergarments for you and your partner. Raw meat sold separately. Or maybe you’re filled with regret because you got all your pubes lasered off but then power bushes came back into fashion? Fret no more! Our faux fur underwear is the perfect way to add some hair down there again without all the body odor and bacne that you experienced during puberty. Whoever you are, slipping into a pair of men’s fur underwear or women’s fur panties is like putting a mink coat on your crotch and taking it out for a night at the opera. But don’t worry, it’s 100% faux fur. Which means it’s collected from 100% faux animals. We spent years hunting down bigfoots (bigfeet?) and chupacabras to ensure you’re getting the finest quality faux fur on the planet.

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