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Hawaiian Swimwear and Bathing Suits

Whether you’re a middle-aged father of two on vacation, a frat boy drinking on your run down house’ lawn, or you just have great taste in clothing, you’re going to need one of these Hawaiian bathing suits. A Hawaiian swimsuit lets the people know that you’re fully aware of what "ohana" means (ohana means family and family means no one is left behind...or forgotten). It doesn’t matter if you’re slipping into one of our Hawaiian one piece swimsuits, Hawaiian swim trunks, Hawaiian bikinis, or other pieces of Hawaiian apparel, as long as you’re throwing heavy shaka brahs, saying aloha, and doing luaus or whatever happens on “The Islands.” My Hawaiian coworker is now telling me that I know nothing about Hawaiian culture and that I should never leave the mainland, whatever that means... Hawaiian bikinis, swim trunks, and swimsuits, wear them.

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Wear our Hawaiian Swimwear Across the Globe

Or, feel free to hang loose in one of our Hawaiian swimsuits right here in the safety of the continental USA. You can don a Hawaiian bikini or Hawaiian one piece swimsuit without spending thousands of dollars to hurtle helplessly through the air above four thousand miles of watery grave. I spent some of what I saved in airfare on therapy to help me come to terms with my fear of flying, but you could use that cash to host a swimsuits-optional Hawaiian luau. Bonus: When you opt for a Hawaiian staycation, there’s no risk of Pele’s curse! Just one more reason to LAVA these Hawaiian print bathing suits, amirite??

Hawaiian Bikinis Are Better Than Coconut Bras

A Hawaiian bikini is my favorite luau party outfit because I can personally confirm that nothing good will come from trying to stuff your girls into a coconut bra. Those sticky splinter traps are nothing more than a soft-core legend invented by horny sailors and perpetuated by fraternity bros, so you’re better off going with a comfy Hawaiian bathing suit from the start. Just add a grass skirt, and boom! your bikini bottoms just became as unnecessary as inviting your roommate’s boyfriend. Because he’s already here. He’s always here. Now open the rum and break out the tiny umbrellas and use those coconuts for drinking like nature intended.

Get lei'd in your in your Hawaiian Bathing Suits (bet you didn’t see that coming.)

If you’re not looking to get lei’d, you should be aware that wearing Hawaiian print bathing suits can send a message of consent to tropical revelers. So whether you’re rocking a bikini or a Hawaiian one piece swimsuit, you’re basically asking to get lei’d. Getting lei’d by a stranger for the first time can be awkward, but if you simply put your head down and accept it, it can be fun. Just remember to smile and say “mahalo” before you lei down to catch some rays.


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