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Mardi Gras Suits & Jackets

Bring me anova one of dem beignets now child, dem good people at Shinesty done brought da world a collection of Mardi Gras suits. I’m sorry, I know that was bad, but I just had to try to talk about this new Mardi Gras jacket’re right, scratch that, I’ll start over. The Soirée of Sin, the Carnival of Castaways, the Debutante of Debauchery… It’s Mardi Gras. An event where a man’s worth is determined not by the strength of his character or the resiliency of his spirit, but by the fortitude of his liver and the quality of his Mardi Gras suit. We can directly help you with this great endeavor with a colorful Mardi Gras blazer. Oh ya, we can provide you with a purdy little Mardi Gras costume. Feast your eyes upon the only Mardi Gras outfits in the world capable of the honor of a gluttonous, sin-filled Mardi Gras weekend. The best part about these Mardi Gras suits is that if you puke on it, I’m pretty sure no one will notice. Now get out there and make us proud.

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