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Couples 4th Of July Outfits

If you don’t have any Johnny Appleseeds don’t worry. Lance Armstrong only has one nut and so does our head of growth marketing Austin Rosmarin, but he still has a girlfriend whose always insists on wearing matching 4th of July outfits. I think it’s weird; they think it’s cute. That’s why we created the Austin’s American Couples collection, with matching American Flag shirts and matching fourth of July outfits so you can look like you’re unhappily married until you break up at the end of the summer. And if you do stay and still have only one nut, rest easy knowing more than 50% of straight couples have only one combined nut, yes less than 20% of them forget to wear matching couples 4th of July shirts. Long story short, match with your SO this summer in matching 4th of July outfits for couples even if you have one nut because Lance Armstrong would do it and he’s probably American.

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