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Men's Halloween Costumes

Halloween isn’t about what you’re wearing, it’s about what you’re doing, namely committing the seven deadly sins. But since you’ll be shunned by the party if you don’t wear a costume we decided you better look damn good in one of these easy Halloween costumes for men. From the office party punch bowl to convincing the bouncer that you have to keep your mask on because you ARE a gorilla, these funny men’s Halloween costumes keep the party going after the jabronis are “too tired” and “want sleep because it’s a week-day and I have to go to my dead end job in the morning and come home to my wife who hates me and my over-caffeinated hyperactive children who I’m pretty sure have been slowly poisoning me for the last decade”, or something similar to that hypothetical situation… The best Halloween costumes for men, only at Shinesty, only for people who aren’t children haters named Chad. That’s right Chad, you’re getting called out to the whole world.

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