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Patterned & Printed Boxer Briefs for Men

When was the last time someone complimented your trashed up navy blue Hanes boxers. The answer is never, and if you've never felt the awkward sensation of another man telling you your leopard print underwear pops Johnny up to semi hard, we've got your solution. Consider this the gentlemen's club of patterned boxer briefs. With everything from tie dye underwear to tuxedo boxers to animal print boxer briefs, we're not here to toss singles with our patterned underwear. We're here to keep the boys up and out of the terrible taint, the gruesome grundle with ball pouch printed boxers that keeps your stones nestled while you count stacks and ultra soft micro-modal material thats 3x softer than cotton. Toss your old plaid boxers in the furnace, we've got your twig and berries protected for life.

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The difference in Shinesty Boxer Prints

Leave the boring Fruit of the Loom boxers and Hanes underwear for your Grand Pappy. All of our men’s undergarments are equipped with an unprecedented ball cradling technology. On top of the sweet scrotal serenity, these men’s boxers come in countless prints that will have you wondering what kind of nonsense we will come up with next. Get all matchy matchy with your bae with printed boxers featuring subtle sex positions. Release the inner beast and follow your instincts to the patterns in our animal collection. Pretend like it’s holiday season every day with our festive Christmas boxers. So go ahead and toss out those old, worn out plaid boxers and give your underwear drawer something to live for. 

Boxer Briefs in Prints that You'll Love

We’re just going to be blunt here. Your balls deserve better than the 5 pack of underwear your mom bought you at Target last year. These guys have been with you through the good times and the bad, it’s time to give them a little treat for all of their hard work. Not only do we provide better quality material for the boys, our men’s patterned boxer briefs are undeniably more provocative than any value package of tighty whiteys. Screw a basic pair men’s leopard print underwear. Transport your undercarriage to the jungle with an actual jaguar on your junk. Dress for success on any given day with these tuxedo boxers concealed beneath your trousers. These patterned boxers go where no one has ventured before with prints like our adorable spermy ghosts, patterns like Guy Fieri’s flavortown flame buffet, and even some denim dong sarongs that in fact, are not really made of denim.

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