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Ski & Snowboard Jackets

We call this collection of 80's ski jackets and snowboard jackets the wool womb, not because these retro ski jackets are made of wool, but because they're warm and cozy like your momma's belly. You heard us right, our ski jackets bring ya back to the days when you were swaddled by your mom's fluids. Grossed out? Good. Feel like a new person every time you slip these men's and women's ski jackets on, because there is nothing like being birthed as a little fluffy jacket baby. 

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Stand out on the Mountain with a Retro 80s and 90s Ski Jacket.

Feel that cool breeze whipping across your handlebar mustache. Let ‘Freedom’ by George Michael wash over you as his melodies blast through your walkman headphones. Relax knowing that your Tamagotchi is fed and thriving. You are standing on the precipice of a double black diamond. Straddling courage and cowardice, life and death, the 80s and the 90s. And right there in the middle of it all, at the center of attention, standing out like a Janet Jackson halftime show, like Kanye West at the VMAs, is you. Because you were bold enough to deck yourself out in one of our vintage ski jackets. Maybe even one of our colorful tricked out snowboard jackets... how you bomb down that hill is your business. Turning heads and making snow shoobies cross their skis in awe of your nostalgic neon jacket, that’s our business. When you’re flaunting these generation defining multicolored thread, people are gonna ask, “Are you a Richard Nixon intern during the Watergate scandal?” That’s cause you’ll be shredding so furiously hard in your retro ski jacket. Except instead of covering up evidence, you’ll be covering fools in fresh powder. From now on, consider every day Thursday, because we are throwing it back with these men’s and women’s retro ski jackets.

Get Function & Style in Shinesty's Collection of Ski & Snowboard Jackets.

Let’s talk about function. From women’s snowboard jackets to men’s ski jackets, we’ve assembled Iron Man suit equivalent of 80s and 90s performance ski wear. Get ready to feel unleashed in these highly capable, crazy functional, professional grade super jackets. Are we going overboard with the descriptors? Yes. And that humility proves that you can trust us when we say these neon jackets are built for function. Yes, the print may be vintage but it’s a modern marvel of technological innovation.

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