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Men's Ugly Christmas Suits

It is our distinct pleasure to present you with the largest, most unique collection of Christmas suits on the planet (no, this is not what we wanted to be when we grew up but alas we can’t all be astronauts). Ugly Christmas sweaters reigned supreme for damn near a decade, but their time atop the holiday fashion throne has come to an end. Like a divine gift from the heavens, the ugly Christmas suit is here to save would-be-sweater-wearers from the ugly sweater effect (that slightly overweight and unhappy look every sweater wearer experiences regardless of physique or demeanor). Men's ugly Christmas sweater suits don’t just change the game, they take things to a whole new level, and that’s not always good. First time I slid into a Christmas blazer I got inappropriately drunk at my company holiday party and went home with my boss’s 21 year-old daughter… that’s why I now write copy about costumes for a living. But I digress. Do yourself a favor, toss that acrylic p.o.s in the trash, slip into one of these babies, and make this holiday season one for the history books. You’ll thank me later.

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Suit your personal style this Christmas with Christmas Suits for Men

If the thought of enduring yet another ugly Christmas sweater party has you feeling all kinds of bah humbug, here’s a party suit pro tip: Ugly Christmas suits are the new holiday party sensation you need to get in on. Go to your closet right now and throw those ghosts of Christmas past in the trash can so you can make room for an ugly Christmas suit to introduce all your friends to the spirit of Christmas Yet To Come. That’s right, friend, it’s high time you started dressing like you mean business, and ordering a crazy men’s Christmas suit to outfit yourself for the holidays is the new alternative to rummaging through racks upon racks of used, unwashed clothing in search of something ugly enough to be considered the winner of your xmas themed party. You can even go ahead and retire your high-performance sweater shaver, because now that you’re trading in your ugly sweater for a funny sweater suit, never again will you have to pretend to enjoy this tired, itchy, tradition.

Besides freeing you from the perils of the inexplicably competitive annual ugly sweater competition, a funny Christmas suit gives you the confidence you need to boost your mistletoe game. Sitting by the tree in a snowflake Christmas blazer looking fresher than Jack Frost, you’ll find yourself delivering smooth one-liners like, “Baby, it might be cold outside, but it sure is getting hot in here” or “That’s not a candy cane in my party suit pocket, I’m just excited to see how you like your present” and you can safely assume Santa isn’t gonna be the only one coming tonight. 

Turn your Holiday season into a Classy Affair

With all of the never ending hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s not hard to see how it can become overwhelming and exhausting, but a Christmas party suit can turn an otherwise boring activity into an elegant event worth enjoying. You can bring every last bit of the merry and bright back into mundane holiday obligations when you trade out your sweatshirt and jeans for a funny Christmas blazer or a men’s ugly Christmas suit that says “I may not be in business with Santa Claus, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.” Shopping for your “unconventional” nephew who collects second hand taxidermy? Christmas suit. Meeting your significant other’s straight laced, vegan parents for the first time? You guessed it; crazy Christmas suit for the win. Listening to the fourth grade strings ensemble screech out all Twelve Days of Christmas? That situation definitely calls for an ugly Christmas suit. The best solution to all your holiday woes from your awkward office xmas party to unavoidable family commitments, an ugly Christmas suit or funny Christmas blazer is like Prozac you can wear. They’ll keep you jolly like you’re on molly, and it doesn’t even show up on most drug tests. 

Christmas Party Suits perfect for Company or House Parties

It’s no secret that these men’s party suits offer a perfect fit to make you look and feel your very best no matter how many of Santa’s gingerbread cookies you had, but did you know they’re also chock full of Christmas magic? It’s true. The many festive pleasures of the Christmas party suit don’t end with the surplus of compliments and your most liked photo of the year. Even though every single one of our ugly Christmas suits with crazy jackets and matching pants are pure social media gold, they’re best known for shutting down your underdressed competition and spellbinding the object of your desire so you’re able to pull them under the mistletoe and let them know your stocking isn’t the only thing that’s well-hung this Christmas. 

If you get to be the one playing Santa this year, toss out that stuffy red costume and bump up your holiday street cred in a funny men’s Christmas suit. Any ol’ schmo can pass out gifts from under the tree, but trust us when we say you’ll have a much better chance of getting all the naughty girls to sit on your lap in an ugly Christmas suit. No wonder Santa’s always so jolly.

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