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Patriotic American Flag Suits, Jackets, Blazers, & Tuxedos

Are you tired of seeing cookie cutter frat bros wearing back-to-back world war champs shirts and thinking to yourself, “I love my country waaayyy more than those dudes”? Well you’re in luck gentlemen. We present to you a collection of patriotic suits and blazers so damn American that they went to another country, stole their food, and claimed it as a USA staple (shouts out to hot dog stands). Like I said, super fuggin’ American. So throw out that old flag-code violating tee and slip on one of these American engineered masterpieces of formalwear.

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American Flag Formalwear - Wear the American (Wet) Dream

When it comes to the American flag suit, there’s a fine line between bold and irreverent. We like to think of it as the difference between starting your Fourth of July fireworks before sundown, and shooting them every night for the rest of the summer. We’re trying to find that line, stomp on it, then take a selfie with it while our American flag blazer flaps gently in the breeze. Ain’t that America? We’ve taken the power suit to the next level, and whether you’re looking for a red white and blue USA suit or an American flag tuxedo, you’ve come to the right place.

American Flag Suits for All Occasions: 4th of July, USA Olympics and Elections

Perfect for everything from keg stands and line dancing to running for office, an American flag suit or USA blazer says, “I’m comfortable in the friend zone, but you may as well grab some napkins because we both know I won’t stay there long.” That’s because when you flash the red white and blue lining of your American flag blazer at your admirer, they can’t resist flashing you a little something in return. So suit up, America, it’s time to get your freedom on.

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