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Valentine's Day Robes & Kimonos

Nothing embodies Valentine’s Day like a red and pink satin robe that’s ready to slip on or off as the night goes on. Draw your honey a nice, warm, rose petaled bath and gift them a kimono robe for Valentine’s Day, and we promise you’ll be spending many more V-day’s with that special someone. Grab a Valentine Robe, strap in, and prepare for the slumberous ride it’ll take you on. Because there’s no better way to drift off into an abyss of sleep than being caressed by satin and cradled by our Valentine’s Day Robes. 

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Stop Traffic in Sexy Valentine's Day Robes & Kimonos

If you’ve never tried on one of these sexy, smooth and silky kimonos, then these pink and red themed robes will have to be your first. We like to call these Valentine’s Day robes pre and post coital sleepwear. I think you can imagine why. Give your honey a kimono robe for Valentine’s Day and just wait and see what happens. There’s gonna be a whole lot of cleavage, and a whole lot of slipping and sliding with these Valentine’s Day themed kimonos. Forget a Valentine card, how about a Valentine robe? You won’t regret this cozy and sexy loungewear. 

Easy-On, Easy-Off Robes & Kimonos

These Valentine’s Day robes will lay comfortably on the shoulders of your lover. Forget lingerie, you two can match in a Valentine robe. We may call this sleepwear, but you’ll be doing anything but sleeping when you see your sweet cheek’s sweet cheeks in one of these pink and red kimonos. If ya know what I mean. Flowers and chocolates are basic and boring. Get your SO a kimono robe for Valentine’s Day and thank us later. 

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