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Valentine's Day Outfits

It’s time to ditch that little red number, and spice up your Valentine’s Day outfits. Say goodbye to the mushy gushy flowers and chocolates this Hallmark Holiday tries to shove in our faces, and say hello to Valentine’s Day clothes you’ve never seen before...that actually embody the holiday. I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen a matching couples ensemble consisting of smiling condoms, bananas, and positions that require stretching before trying. Shop our matching Valentines’ Day outfits for couples, because nothing says ‘I love you’ like covering your no-no squares in matching emojis foreshadowing what’s gonna happen after too much of that pink wine.

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It Takes Two to Tango in matching couples outfits and Valentine's Day clothes from Shinesty!

We decided to make you and your honey Valentine’s Day outfits because honestly, V-Day can kinda suck. You’re going to make a reservation a month in advance to bump elbows at a communal table at a snobby, overpriced restaurant. Your Instagram is going to be dripping in sappy photos accompanied by captions longer than a CVS receipt. And honestly, you’re probably going to have to be one of those basic people posting about your SO. But luckily, you won’t struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Day clothes to gift to your other half. Get yourselves some matching Valentine’s Day outfits for the inevitable sexy time. Valentine’s Day is covered in pink hearts, just like these matching boxers and thongs are. Not only do they have cute hearts, but these pairs of underwear will give you some ideas on ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Your bae is gonna love when they get to open up a silky smooth kimono and you can strut around the house in matching Valentine’s Day outfits for couples.

Valentine's Day outfits that look as good on, as they do off. 

Valentine’s Day is predictable. You are either going to get your SO some chocolates, flowers, a wallet, watch or if you’re wise beyond your years: One of these matching Valentine’s Day outfits for couples. Lots of people will get their honey some lingerie for V-day, but we are 100% sure that our matching boxers, thongs and kimonos are sexier than those scant outfits. These Valentine’s Day outfits were made to be enjoyed by lovers. These Valentine’s Day clothes look amazing on you, but might look even better on the floor.


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