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Ugly Christmas Dresses & Jumpsuits

You are literally only wearing one of these Christmas dresses so it is extremely easy to pee on the side of a building after you get too drunk and passing out at the 3rd annual Santa sing off in Boca Raton. That's relatable, right? No? Okay. What we can agree on is the need for a reversible holiday dress. A normal cocktail dress is riskier than using Plan B as your Plan A. One spill and your Aunt Susan will casually bring up your drinking habits all night. Our Christmas sweater dresses will perfectly trick your family members and in-laws into thinking you're a functioning alcoholic rather than the other kind. Plus, flowy a-line ugly Christmas dresses are perfect for eating all the cookies you want without anyone knowing. Win Christmas by shopping our red Christmas dresses, holiday dresses, Christmas skirts, ugly Christmas sweater dresses, holiday cocktail dresses, and pretty much anything else holiday party dress related that I can say to make sure we appear on the first page of your Google search for "Christmas dresses for Women."

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Give the Holiday Party a Glamorous Makeover With a Fun Christmas Dress

Wearing a new Holiday dress is the perfect step above anything else you’ve got hanging in your closet from last year. Do you want to know what Christmas party theme I’m tired of? The ugly sweater holiday party. This theme is so worn out and so tired that you could easily half ass all 6 parties that you were invited to this December by wearing the exact same sweater. That ugly sweater might be slightly funny, but maybe it’s time to retire that oldie. Yes it’s easy to wear that sweater, but do you feel proud of yourself? Do you feel confident walking into that xmas party looking like a Christmas tree in the dumpster in January? I think not. If it’s too easy, it’s not good enough. Christmas time is filled with seeing people who will greet you with, “Oh my goodness, it’s been ages! How are you? What’s new?” If you’re going to go through the entire conversation with a high school classmate of what is new with you, you should at least look good while doing it.

This is your moment to prove that your life has turned out better than everyone else's, so you’re going to want to dress the part. These Christmas dresses were designed to one-up anyone around you. Bring up the class level by wearing a fun printed dress and make other people wish they left their Grandpa’s moth ball sweater in the attic. The wild patterns on these Christmas sweater dresses should speak for themselves, but that would be creepy, so we speak for them. Look better, be better, Merry Holidays. 

Step Up You Holiday Party Look With a Funny Christmas Sweater Dress

Not all Christmas parties are created equal. Some parties are filled with family members trying to pinch your cheeks like you’re still a toddler. Kinda gross. Sometimes a holiday party will be booze free, and you won’t find out until it’s too late and you’re forced to play sober board games with semi-strangers. Wholesome? Absolutely, but not welcomed when it’s not expected. Sometimes an Xmas party will be filled with 30 frat guys all wearing the exact same ugly Target sweater but swearing they didn’t buy it together. Make Christmas great again? When did it get not great? And then there are Christmas parties that stand out among the crowd.

Picture yourself, in the perfect Christmas sweater dress that no one else has. These gatherings are drowning in spiked eggnog, blasting Christmas trap music, and filled with mistletoe. You have to get through the ones that suck to deserve the perfect ones. Whether you find yourself at a simple Christmas book club or at a fake snow filled underground naughty elf rave, we’ve got all of the holiday dresses to fit the occasion. The prints on these outfit options are enough to make Mrs. Claus blush. Feel free to keep it simple and sleek and pair a printed skirt with little turtleneck, or go all out and buy a skater dress, wrap dress, midi dress AND a turtle neck dress, all in the same fantastic pattern. Choose between six different bodies to find what the right sauce is for you.

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