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Help us find
more silver linings.

We can tell COVID-19 to pound sand all day,
but actions speak louder than words. Here’s
what we’re doing to get through this global
cluster fuck, and more importantly, how you can
contribute without even getting off the couch.

Thank Frontline Workers.

If you’re one of them, you’ve got
our sincerest thanks and 40% off.

Millions of doctors, nurses and other folks are putting their lives on the line to combat this shitshow. Thank them. If you are on the frontline of this evolving pandemic, submit your email below and we’ll send you a code for 40% off our entire site. We don’t have shoes as comfortable as Allbirds, or probably anything you can’t live without for that matter, but what we do have is all yours. For now this is on the honor system...just remember karma can be a real bitch people.

Quarantine yourself so we can slow this thing to a stop.

Do this even if Uncle Sam isn’t locking you down or having you to shelter in place yet. Our parents and grandparents had to go to war, all we have to do is stay home and binge Netflix, maybe enjoy a little afternoon delight with ourselves (as of 3/24 Pornhub Premium’s free) or whoever we’re quarantined with. We can do it (no pun intended).

Special Thanks to
These COVID-19 Hall of Famers

hero fauci
Dr. Fauci

The Real MVP, we wish we were epidemiologists rn

hero big wood

RIP, for every inch we didn't know we were clicking on

hero dr li
Dr. Li Wenliang

RIP, we know "I told you so" doesn't really cut it

hero joe
Joe Exotic

For bringing an entire
nation together

Last but not least, life's serious enough as it is right now.
If you want some more info on what we're doing to keep
our site safe, as well as recommendations for your safety
during this time, here's our official statement

Connect us with organizations who need bulk masks, gowns, gloves or other soft goods.

Healthcare workers only please. If you know someone on the buying side of a healthcare provider, government, or other organization that takes care of people and needs critical supplies, please introduce us. We will plug them in directly to our supply chain and try to make manufacturer introductions.
Shinesty is not producing, selling, or profiting in any way from the production of PPE. We merely want to connect those in need, with those we know who are actively producing these critical supplies.

Make your dollars go further through the COVID CO-OP.

Shinesty and dozens of other retail businesses are donating a portion of every dollar generated through a click from the co-op. If you’re a business interested in participating, sign up here



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