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Shinesty Customs

Branded products
your customers actually
want to wear


How It Works

Choose from 50+
Unique Products

We make your custom products in the same high-quality materials, fits, & factories used by high-end designer brands.

This means no more crappy t-shirts or keychains. You get promotional products customers will actually want to wear.

World-Class Artists
Design It, For Free

Let our All-Star roster of artists wow you with amazing, original designs for your brand.

You can play creative director, or let us work independently. Either way, they make you look good.


We’ll help suggest sizing, quantities, and provide delivery timelines. Then, handle all the logistics so your custom products can be delivered straight to your door or your customer’s.

Sit back and enjoy the compliments.

Your brand. Products
your customers actually
want. We’ll do the
heavy lifting.


Customer Favorites

Trust us, no one wants
another shitty t-shirt.

Don’t keep wasting your budget on products that end up at Goodwill. Instead, invest in high-quality, well-designed and unique products that actually get worn.

“’s hard!” Designing and manufacturing products is complicated. It requires technical expertise, complicated supply chains and it takes forever.

That’s where we come in. Our customs team will provide you with white glove service.

Your brand gets to use Shinesty’s design team, supply chain, factories, and expertise. No more dirty work for you, just unique products your customers will actually wear. You score big points with your team. What’s that we smell? A promotion in your future?


Shinesty In The Wild


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