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Long Leg Ball Hammock
Boxer Micro Modal


3x softer
than cotton

Boxer Subscription


keeps your legs warm
during thighbernation

Egg Hammock

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who’ve had their balls crushed and those without balls. We’re here to make a third group.

Moisture Wicking

The summer sack stick is real and without our patented protection your inner thigh will feel like the bottom of a table at Denny’s.

Bulge Enhancing

Whether it’s your first night together or your thousandth you can always make the big reveal more magical.


Some will say that this argument is subjective, but it’s completely objective. Pumpkin pie is superior to pecan pie. I don’t care if your great aunt has a 100 year old family recipe for sticky pecan pie, I bet the store bought pumpkin will taste like I just frolicked in a field of yellow fall leaves while a doe sips water from a babbling brook nearby. That sweet pumpkin filling feels just about as soft as this pair of pumpkin pie long leg Ball Hammock pouch underwear.

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