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More...More...MORE! Finally, a 3 pack of Happy Nuts comfort cream. If you've ever suffered from bat wings, SWASS or chub rub you may be entitled to compensation. Just kidding, we can't offer you money, but we can offer you a solution to your Gold Bond addiction. Introducing Happy Nuts: the most innovative comfort cream to ever soothe your shweaddy balls. It applies like a lotion, and dries like a powder to keep you cool and comfortable 24/7. If all of that hasn't already convinced you that you NEED this stuff, then allow me to remind you that no suitable mate enjoys 'nad sweat. None. Not one. 

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Product Details

  • Happy Nuts applies as a lotion and dries as a powder to keep SWASS at bay
  • Keeps you smelling like you just got out of the shower, even if you didn't
  • Sweat protection
  • Fights unwanted odors, you dirty boy
  • Prevents chub rub, soothes spicy spots with aloe
  • Made in the USA
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